Innovation Scouting And Consulting

The most dangerous word in the retail business (or any business for that matter) is guessing.

Even if your company relies on market research, financial statements or social media response all this data by itself is inert, unless… it allows you to make better decisions, improve collaboration, reduce costs and increase the bottom line.

The harsh reality is that when it comes to marketing, there aren’t any experts. ‘Classical’ advertising and marketing methods that so many of us have studied and applied for years are not getting the job done.

Why? Because customers’ expectations and shopping behavior have changed. Technologies have evolved and consumer touch points have exploded and multiplied across different platforms.

The traditional ‘continuous-improvement’ culture cannot keep up with the disruption brought on by innovative start-ups and fast technological developments.

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Most leaders are focused on keeping up with their day-to-day tasks and meeting monthly objectives. They simply don’t have time to learn about all the technological breakthroughs.

They may be experts in SEO or in social media. But they aren’t real experts on how to innovate, anticipate and prepare for the challenges that even solid-looking companies will face in the next 3-5 years.

This is why according to Harvard Business Review, the innovation success rate in most companies, hovers at just 17%.

8 times out of 10 companies’ innovation attempts fail if… they try to do it themselves.

Innovation is a company’s lifeblood. No doubt about that. But it shouldn’t be about guessing. In order to sustain stable growth, companies have to find a “sweet spot” between marketing, technological innovation and the creation of immersive “brand experiences”.

It’s almost impossible to do that within a company. That’s why at JWT X we offer our clients premium consultancy services and innovation scouting resources.

It includes access to a team of senior leaders and tapping onto the creative pool of JWT X international thinkers across JWT world network. If needed, besides JWT’s international team and we also bring the best external experts into play, guiding our clients every step of the way.

Here’s how it works:

Our collaboration usually begins with a 1-day workshop, focused on your objectives and ideas. We then support these with studies and tailored research, and provide 360° consulting services, all the way to the prototyping.

Our mission is to help companies to gain an understanding of the new technologies and digital platforms relevant for their business, choose the right suppliers and identify optimal solutions that will support their long-term business strategy.

We call this process “Framing Innovation.”

Why is it important to you?

Increasing and maintaining your dominance on the market is no longer about crafting the right promotional campaign. It’s about creating compelling and immersive experiences. Experiences that make a difference for consumers, but at the same time affect the company’s bottom line.

To do that we work on 3 levels – physical spaces, mobile and online – creating seamless experiences and focusing on such areas as retail, connected products and packaging.

Our main goal is simple.

We want you to stop guessing what’s going to work and what’s the best way to use technology. We know that we can give you the right tools so that you are able to foresee the success of your solutions without taking any serious risks or relying on guesswork.