Johnson & Johnson Lab

In the Life of a brand there are moments when it’s necessary to interrupt ineffective, past “patterns” of thinking to create new insights on consumer behavior or come up with concrete, actionable solutions to a specific goal the brand is facing.

But how can you by-pass the mental routine that keeps you and your team “prisoners” within the same layer of logical, left-brain thinking?

Well, as “Theory U” (from Dr.Otto Scharmer) says, the team (i.e. marketing, communication, creative agency, sales, etc) needs to enter into a mindfullness process, which allows each individual to discover a broader space of intuition, by activating creative, right-brain thinking.

Our right brain stores and possesses a much higher quantity of information and knowledge than we are consciously aware of.

To access this “space of a higher knowledge” you need to tap into your intuitive thinking through a number of psychological techniques (such as ‘walking’ through the story of your brand or expressing your impressions through art before conceptualizing them).

This is part of what we did for Listerine, a Johnson & Johnson brand, which needed to conquer more non-users, elevating its positioning, its unique selling proposition from a functional layer to a more emotional and end-benefit one.

To do that we followed a “U” process:

Phase 1: Interrupting past patterns

A set of global company/brand cases where the regular business model was disrupted, have been used to stimulate an open mind session.

Phase 2: Sensing

We used a brand timeline that people could walk on, to search and reconnect emotionally with the “inner force” of the Brand.

And through spontaneous drawing, we helped participants to express visually, then conceptually this force. This allowed us to get to the first “workable” concept.

Phase 3: Presensing

Using systemic constellations, the team represented the dynamic between the brand, the users and the non-users, capturing specific brand behaviors that could help the non-users to become acquainted with the brand.

Phase 4/5: Crystallizing and Prototyping

Through co-creation and design thinking sessions the team discovered insights and seeds of a new Brand and Campaign big idea.

It has been all about reconnecting the entire brand team with the vocation of their brand.
Within just one day of the workshop we achieved some concrete results: activating the innovative, new thinking process on one side and alignment that has been created within the team on the other.

Final result: