JWT X – Lotto Lab

In a world of fast-changing expectations, advertising skepticism, ‘always-connected’ lifestyle how do you appeal to emerging markets?

To answer this question, we followed Einstein’s principle, who said that “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.

We believe that stepping up a level requires new ways of collaboration that allow to look at the problem with a fresh perspective.

That’s why we’ve created a JWT X System, bringing together the A-player teams of JWT and GTech in a creative space that used to be an old grain mill, but now serves as JWT’s Italian headquarters.

Introducing JWT – Lotto Lab…

It’s really simple. World innovation leaders including Google, Amazon, MIT have each elaborated a set of highly effective idea-generation methods that help them to consistently drive growth, boost profits and stay ahead of their competition.

We have distilled, perfected, tested and included the best of these methods in our “JWT X System”, breaking them down in to 4 simple steps.

Focusing Phase

Focusing Phase is about bringing the best people together, aligning the objectives of the key stakeholders and having everyone work together towards a definite purpose.

“It’s the first time that we’ve been able to work with all of our stakeholders and colleagues that we usually interact with separately, and with both of our agencies. It’s a collaboration that is truly unique and innovative.”
- Annalisa Spano’, GTECH Marketing & Advertising Director

Observing Phase

The second step is what we call an Observing Phase. In essence, it’s a mix of innovative knowledge and effective how-to tools.

We start with the ‘big picture’, introducing industry-disruptive trends and inspiring, problem-specific case histories. We also ask our talented people from JWT’s international network in Brazil, Lebanon, Toronto, UK and San Diego to contribute to our workshop, so we could pick their brain for cross-cultural opinions and insights.

“[The method] compels you to work as if the client wasn’t there, with inspiring insights, also coming from all over the world that are definitely relevant”
- Osvaldo Adinolfi, Edelman – SVP MArketing & Creative Director.

Formatting phase

This unique method of intellectual and creative stimulation is followed by a Formatting phase. This is the co-creation step that involves ‘critical thinking’ and idea selection.

With the JWT- Lotto team we used the Smart Google Method and Shurd’s Brand-Positioning Pentagon to synthesize numerous observations and insights into 3 Strong and Actionable Ideas.


Prototyping Phase is the final stage that involves Jeff Bezos’ Pitch Method. The idea here is not only synthesize the best ideas, but take a step further and think how to make them 10 times more actionable, engaging, and profitable.

That’s how we know that we’ve created Experiences that Make a Difference, both for the brand and for the new generation of highly-educated and highly-connected consumers.

Here’s what people, who participated in the Lab had to say about it:

“Numerous insights and new perspectives on things that have been impossible to contemplate before [the workshop].”
- Marzia Mastrodiacomo, GTECH – VP Lotto BU

“One of the best methods for Brands and Products. In my opinion we shhould always work like this!”
- Sabina Di Mauro, GTECH – Press Office