JWT X – Mazda Design Thinking Workshop


The automotive world is changing.

It affects the way we buy, rent, sell cars or where we seek advice. Numerous online tools and innovative start-ups make it easy to find car-related information, share personal reviews, get a sense of a marketplace, and learn about the latest automotive trends with just a few simple clicks. It’s no longer enough to have a high-quality product or offer the rock-solid guarantee.

To stay ahead of the game, JWT X has put together the best team of JWT and MAZDA to collaborate in co-creation of vision, strategies, and innovative systems. Systems that support emerging experiences, help to anticipate the future challenges and drive growth.

That’s how JWT-MAZDA Design-Thinking workshop was born.

It brought together in one creative space top leaders, international thinkers from JWT network, experienced facilitator guides and an ideasketcher, who was following the workshop in real time, translating the best ideas and main concepts into the captivating sketches.

How much can a group of bright minds achieve in 8 hours of creative collaboration based on our 4-step JWT X Method™?

A lot! Especially if their creative energy is powered by fun, creating atmosphere, innovative tools, the right dose of mental stimulation and a good lunch.

“We are creating the future” – Stef Tiratelli CEO Cosmo
“Highly stimulating. Thanks to the laidback atmosphere and the limitless creativity, I enjoy spending this day with you.” -Andrea Fiaschetti, Managing Director of Mazda Italy

What are the actual workshop results?

  • 5 creative Innovation Methods applied
  • 20 solution-specific experiences designed
  • Over 80 insights generated in just 3 hours

All this has translated into one clear plan of action which anticipates changes automotive industry will face in the next 2-3 years and is aligned with Mazda’s specific long-term goals.

It’s safe to call it a productive day.

“We have an entire wall, covered with ideas, notes, insights that we can built on to create something meaningful” – Enrico Dorizza, President JWT Italy
“Time well spent!” – Roberto Pietrantonio, Communication SM of Mazda Italy