Nestlé – “Make It Simple Marketing” Seminar

Proactive corporations, like Nestlé have long realized that the key to maintaining their dominance and steady growth lies in bridging the gap between consumer’s expectations and the current retail experience.

Nestlé doesn’t only own the biggest global network of private R&D centers, dedicated to nutrition, they also make sure that their marketing core stays up-to-date with the quickly developing new technologies and emerging trends.

One of the frequent and very effective practices that the Nestlé group is doing, is a brown bag format conferences (an informal meeting that takes place over lunch) for its top market leaders that include world-known brands such as Nespresso, Pellergino, Perrugina, Kit Kat, etc…

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JWT X was invited to deliver a conference on how technological innovation can be applied to brand strategy to boost organic growth and enhance customer experience. Emerging expectations will impact and transform product development, distribution channels, packaging, and sales.

What about Marketing?

Marketing will have to assume the leading role in tearing down boundaries between these aspects of the brand.

This is already evident in the consistently more complex marketing environment with its numerous touch points, communication channels and data overflow. There is no time for “wait-and-see” solutions.

Decisions should be made quickly and the amount of information that needs to be taken into consideration can be overwhelming even for the seasoned industry professionals.

That’s why we see goals at JWT X not in talking about future trends and offering new technologies for the sake of technologies.

We believe that the real value we contribute lies in framing innovation by starting from psychological insights, consumer behavior, needs, expectations and narrowing them down to marketing solutions that can be quickly tested, applied and scaled. That’s why we call it “Make it Simple Marketing”.

And that’s what we, ourselves, practice daily.

Nestle presentation