The most frequent question that we hear our clients asking is:

What can we do to make our digital platforms appealing, in-store shopping experiences immersive and innovative solutions profitable?”

These are the key question that successful leaders and marketing experts should be asking themselves if they want to maintain their competitive edge and reach out to a new “mystery market” worth $170 billion dollars.

Why companies continuously underestimate the power of the Millennials?

According to numerous studies conducted by companies such as Oracle, Cisco and Google, the Millennials generation (people from 18 to 34) are expected to outspend the Baby Boomers by 2017, transforming the way companies do business. They will become the largest generation with the greatest combined purchasing power in history.

The signs of this disruptive change are getting more frequent and more demanding.

Advertising skepticism, little use for traditional communication media, seamless integration of online and offline channels, a sense of sustainable responsibility – are all part of the equation that forward-looking brands and retail companies started addressing a while ago.

Sadly the vast majority of marketers and brands keep underestimating the importance of adopting their business strategies to reach the Millennials.

Millennials are the new trend-setters.

This digitally-savvy generation is the driving force behind retail and marketing innovations. They are always “connected”. They expect brands to contribute to social causes and be authentic (with over 37 % distrusting big business). They make skillful price comparisons; see technology in a positive light, and want something ‘new’ to be excited about.

Should you care?

Only if you plan on staying in business. You see, the Millennials’ shopping habits today will become the overpowering reality in less than 3 years and the best time to prepare for this change is today.

This is exactly what JWT X is helping brands and companies to do…

Our innovation-edge solutions help to bridge the gaps between brands, technology and human behavior.

We start with business-critical problems and focus on finding concrete solutions that turn disruption into opportunity. We work side by side to help brands rethink their customer experiences across all touch-points, quickly test innovative solutions, and make real-time improvements based on customer feedback – until we get positive results.

Upon successful completion of brand-specific projects, we ensure accelerated adoption of solutions through effective digital and communication platforms.

Some of the innovation-edge solutions that we’ve helped clients with include:

• Prototyping new products and services
• Ideating and developing profitable digital platforms and apps
• Creating immersive experiences that are income-oriented
• Building innovation capability within a company

We’ve demonstrated our ability in creating ROI-positive experiences by applying simplicity to complex technology.
For example, if you’re an apparel company, we won’t suggest you redesign your entire store or build your own e-commerce website. Instead, we might focus on how to bring more people into the fitting room, because we know that 71% of people who try clothes on, end up making a purchase.

Because let’s face it, innovation is only useful when it adds value, to your clients, to the community and to your bottom line.