If you do what you’ve always done…

You’ll get run over by the competition. Leading retail companies and brands recognize it. That’s why they look for innovative ways to activate the new sources of revenue and maintain their competitive advantage. The problem is – it’s hard to innovate from ‘within’ the company.

Successful, ROI-positive innovation requires fresh look, disciplined pragmatism and sniper-specific knowledge in the area of new technologies and emerging experiences.

That’s where we come in

JWT X uses analytical tools and highly-effective brainstorming techniques to help clients see how their existing operations could look in the future.

The workshop objectives can range from ideation and prototyping on new products, services or business models to easily replicable retail experience processes. What they all have in common is solution to very specific growth challenges that a brand or a company may be facing.

We always do our homework, so you won’t have to

Weeks before conducting a workshop we do an extensive qualitative and quantitative research in a client-specific area. We also collaborate with our international JWT partners to collect innovative and client-relevant case studies, which helps us to inspire innovative thinking within your team.

Results – by the end of the workshop we deliver clear, actionable, and innovative strategies that can be quickly implemented and are grounded in market desirability.

Here’s a sneak-peak at what to expect:

Workshop format: 1 on 1 session, group brainstorming, smart Google Method for creating solutions
Duration: 1-2 days

How Design-Thinking Workshops are different?

What makes us stand apart is –
Google Method + Insider’s knowledge of Emerging Retail Experiences + Great-tasting coffee.

Our Design-Thinking Workshops are an effective, engaging and empirical tool to quickly ideate, develop and test new business strategies and ideas.

By using Google’s “5 Part Framework” we work together with your team to create strategic guidelines profitable retail solutions.

We also organize innovation labs for consumers, engaging them in project ideation process and solving brand-specific problems. Doing so allows us to quickly test ideas, get immediate feedback and improve as we go.

A small sample of topics that we might cover:

  • Why and how to capitalize retail stores as a platform to increase conversions and in-store traffic?
  • How can the storefront be used to gain better understanding of existing and potential customers and their needs?
  • How to architect, design and innovate loyalty programs to increase the number of loyal customers and generate higher revenues?
  • Is it possible to derive more value can from the owners of their products and non-buyers to drive future revenue?
  • What’s the best way to foster a research-and-learning-driven dialogue with shoppers in the store?